Fox House

Fox House


House + Home, 2013


The restoration of an old villa in Fox Street, Gisborne presented a unique opportunity for the team at DStevens. Our strong background in residential renovations, working with the existing building character, saw that the villa was restored lovingly to fit our client's modern lifestyle. 

When we arrived on site the house was in an extremely derelict state. Extensive renovations were undertaken to the foundations and roof of the existing 100-year old house - ensuring the building will continue to stand the test of time. Internally, the rooms of the house were reconfigured to create a more harmonious living space alongside a modern kitchen and dining room. Externally, the renovation included a complete refurbishment of the front verandah - reintroducing bespoke heritage features to existing columns and rebuilding the timber french doors to match existing. Inside and outside, the villa was relined and repainted with a fresh, modern colour scheme breathing new life into a grand old hallmark of Gisborne's inner city suburbs.