DStevens Receives Top Safety Accreditation

The safety of people on or near DStevens sites is paramount.
Everyone has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment and to return home safely at the end of each day.


We believe that an empowered culture of health and safety amongst our team, subcontractors, clients and our project communities is what drives success. That’s why DStevens is proud to receive a SiteWise ‘Green’ accreditation by Site Safe New Zealand, certifying our health and safety capabilities, processes, and our strong commitment to creating a culture of safety in the workplace is among the very best in New Zealand. 


SiteWise is a prequalification rating system which grades a contractor's health and safety capability. Assessment results are recorded in a traffic light system that indicates a business' safety operations performance at a glance.

Green (scores over 75%) - quality health and safety systems

Amber (scores 50-74%) - health and safety systems need some work or lack evidence to demonstrate quality systems

Red (scores under 50%) - health and safety systems not in place or not enough evidence to show systems are in place.

DStevens has been assessed with a total score of 82% for 2017. Our commitment to health and safety is resolute: from senior leadership through to our team on the ground. We’re continually striving for improvement in health and safety, within DStevens and across the construction industry, and will work to lift our score even higher in the next 12 months.