Our history

DStevens is the only third-generation construction company in Gisborne. Over the decades we have nurtured some of Gisborne’s finest construction and joinery talent. Our people are integral to our remarkable history of innovation and built excellence. Today DStevens is a multidisciplinary company offering construction, joinery and interior design services.

Lowe Street Building, 1981

Lowe Street Building, 1981

DStevens had its humble beginnings in the Christchurch suburb of Cashmere. Founded in 1955 by the late Derek Stevens, the company built many buildings regarded as a benchmark of quality construction. Derek worked hard to establish the company in a competitive Christchurch industry undertaking major construction projects that included high-end housing and commercial work by expanding his team to 12 skilled trademen.

Derek and his family relocated to Gisborne in 1966 and set about establishing DStevens as a premier construction and joinery company. One of the first projects DStevens landed was the high-profile development of Kaiti Mall. In 1970, DStevens saw an opportunity to expand their services to include Rylock aluminium windows and doors. The service has since grown to become an integral part of the construction company.

Today, we provide our clients with a truly integrated construction service, including Construction, Joinery and Interiors.

Derek Stevens (second from left) celebrating with his colleagues

Derek Stevens (second from left) celebrating with his colleagues



Sustainability is no longer about simply minimising impact on our surroundings. Today, it’s also about wellbeing and biodiversity for individuals, communities and the environment. For us sustainability isn’t an ‘add-on’ service, it’s an overarching priority, a lens through which to focus our solution-based thinking building the best for you and the planet.


Fundamental to all our work is a commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Because of that, our projects involve extensive collaboration with clients, users, and other stakeholders. We know that with a well-conceived and well-delivered project we can help things run more fluidly, improve people's well-being, and make life more enjoyable.

Sustainability is a core value of our company. We believe sustainability is integral to the achievement of construction excellent. We work with our clients and stakeholders to identify the environmental potential and goals to reduce the construction impact of each project; we then seek out practical means by which to deliver these goals.

Recognising the wide range of environments that the building industry impacts, DStevens remains committed to careful planning and execution of each phase of a project. We’ve implemented sustainable construction methods in commercial buildings, residential projects and civic and education facilities. Sustainability isn’t an isolated dimension of a project, but a necessary condition for true built excellence. Green buildings have the potential to be enablers of a holistic prosperity never seen before, helping cities, communities and the environment to flourish, and the individuals within them to thrive.


Health and Safety

DStevens is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace to ensure that our employees and others are not injured. Our goal is to eliminate all injuries, accidents and incidents.

To achieve this goal we will make safety a priority on all sites and jobs and we will require active participation by everyone in our business to adequately plan the work we are carrying out and to act safely at all times.


We believe that an empowered culture of health and safety amongst our people, subcontractors, clients and wider project team, is what drives success. We are proud to hold SiteWise Green accreditation by Site Safe New Zealand, certifying our health and safety capabilities, processes, and our strong commitment to creating a culture of safety in the workplace is among the very best in New Zealand.

It is our policy to take all practicable steps to comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Health & Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016, and all other codes of practice and guidelines applying to our business.