In Progress

DStevens is a construction company built around people. "We ask the big questions to our clients so we can tailor our services to reflect their lifestyles and support their needs" says Peter Stevens, managing director of DStevens. "We understand that building anything is a major investment, it is exciting, and we feel privileged to be a part of that journey." 

The company has developed over the last 60 years to focus on a core range of services - Construction, Joinery, Aluminium Windows and Doors, and Interiors. "These are things that we do exceptionally well," says Peter Stevens, Managing Director of DStevens. Fiona Houston-Stevens leads the companies Interiors Consulting service and describes the newest venture of the company as a "colourful thread that weaves together the built environment." “We work in multi-disciplinary teams, designing from the inside out to deliver fantastic solutions,” she says. Fiona has a bespoke knowledge of fabrics, textiles and colour from her extensive freelance career as a fashion designer and brings a great set of skills to DStevens. She works closely with Divisions Manager Kent Morse in the creation of beautiful interiors, kitchens and bathrooms to suit any budget, made locally in DStevens Joinery Workshop and sourced from a wide range of distributors. Peter Stevens describes how the culture of DStevens encourages teamwork. "We have always worked closely with our clients, architects, suppliers and subcontractors to achieve a high-quality outcome" he says.  

Before being named Managing Director in 1998, Peter Stevens was DStevens’ General Manager. In January this year Peter celebrated his 40th year with the company. His tenure at DStevens has helped him build lasting relationships and friendships with clients, sub-contractors, suppliers and merchants. “I’ve worked alongside clients first as an apprentice, then as foreman and now as managing director,” says Peter. “We work collaboratively to encourage innovation and build excellence.” Even when New Zealand’s building industry was hit hard by the recession, lasting relationships helped DStevens function as efficiently as it has since 1955.

Having begun work at DStevens four decades ago, Peter has dedicated his expertise to building the business. The construction company has trained over 100 apprentices in the last 60 years of business. “There is a continued focus on development of skills throughout the company,” says Peter. Peter and his wife Fiona work alongside each other to ensure a holistic approach is applied to every project. The couple’s eldest son Kholee, who recently completed his apprenticeship, now works in the team as a tradesman and is keen to develop the construction company further. Peter and Fiona’s younger son Thane, who works with a major architectural firm in Wellington as an architectural graduate, handles communications for DStevens. “They all have a hand in the business,” says Peter. “There have been extraordinary changes to buildings and the construction industry in the past 60 years. Rather than stand by and watch the changes take place we always get stuck in and challenge ourselves to find better ways of achieving our goals,” explains Thane. “Derek and Peter have built the business on hardwork, quality, honesty and integrity,” says Kholee. “We work hard to solve complex problems and make them simple. A milestone such as this reminds us why we do what we do,” says Peter. “Our buildings enrich lives, which is something that is rare and special.”