A New Look For DStevens

In 64 years of business, DStevens have changed their logo just once. So when the moment came for a refresh DStevens looked inward to breathe new life into Gisborne’s oldest brand in construction. The brief was straightforward: make the complex simple. 

The new colour palette being painted onto our offices and workshops at 336 Childers Road, Gisborne.

The new colour palette being painted onto our offices and workshops at 336 Childers Road, Gisborne.

Over the last year the company has worked to reinvigorate and refresh a brand that sets the standard in construction, joinery and interiors in Gisborne. Part of this reinvigoration is a new visual identity, which is being rolled out gradually across the company.

Peter Stevens, Managing Director of DStevens, says the new brand identity re-affirmed the company’s commitment to evolve with the times and needs of its clients. “We are creative and encourage fresh thinking. Our reputation as industry leaders, helping our clients to create something special, coupled with the quality of our work and specialist skills of our people, distinguishes us in the local market. Our confident new look brings this together and aligns to our company’s passionate, innovative and collaborative approach,” he says. 

The brand identity development was led by Thane Houston-Stevens, Marketing and Business Development Advisor at DStevens. While the brief was straightforward, the execution sought to simplify an identity that had been cobbled together ad-hoc over many years. "The simplicity is celebrated in the details of the new identity. Softly textured paper stocks, new typefaces, letterpress embossing, and a refined orange colouring work across the redesigned collateral to give the new identity cohesion," says Thane. "The result is a streamlined evolution of the brand for a new era; a brand that is built to last." 

The 'block' logo that DStevens has long been associated with has been modernised - a nod to the company's original identity and 64-year history.  

The updated brand is refined and scalable - a simple and confident look that embraces the company's history and introduces a fresh and invigorated approach that is synonymous with DStevens' approach to construction, joinery and interiors.

Our refreshed branding began rolling out across the company in 2018. Keep an eye out for our new vehicle and site signage around Gisborne.