Summary 2016

Peter Stevens, Managing Director of DStevens, shares his views of DStevens' key challenges and achievements throughout 2016 and looks to what 2017 holds for our hardworking and committed team.

Read his summary to the team below. 



DStevens has had another incredibly successful year, thanks to all of the hard work by you and your teams. Together we’ve created beautiful spaces and places for people to enjoy each and every day. Those moments of surprise and delight that exist in our projects are special, and they’re all made possible by your hard work. Your focus and dedication to crafting the best for our clients is what makes DStevens such an incredible place. As many of us prepare to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what we’ve achieved together over the past year.

We’re a small, creative team. Some of us have worked together for over 20 years and one of the things I have learned is the importance of listening - because as we all know the very best ideas can often come from the quietest voice. Over the years we have created a team, and an environment, that I think not only encourages those ideas but really nurtures them. We’ve worked really hard to create a team culture that allows each individual to contribute towards our collective goals. 

We are often consumed by our current and future work and very rarely do we look back at the work we have done to celebrate our past. Our projects this year have captured a point in time of incredible transitions and transformations for our clients. We’ve helped local businesses grow by building new premises for our clients like Cameron Mechanical and Class* Furniture; offices for Pacific Haulage, gymnasium refurbishments at Lytton High School, and a new clinic for Skin Deep. Our residential projects showcase our commitment to quality in projects such as Tuahine House, Hill House VII, and Pare Beach House. I am incredibly proud of the way in which our teams come together to deliver such outstanding spaces and places for our clients. By working together, we’ve delivered truly great projects this year, exceeding even our own tough standards of excellence.  

This year, we continued to progress our Workshop Transformation Programme in an effort to modernise the Timber and Aluminium Workshops at DStevens - making our workplace a more efficient and effective place to create our best work. The changes we have made already are evidence of the great things to come.   

A milestone that I am incredibly proud of is our fifty years of business in Gisborne. Together we’ve shown the world that our way of doing things at DStevens goes beyond our projects to the way we do business and how we give back to our community. DStevens is built upon a set of simple philosophies. We maintain a strong belief in the beauty of craftsmanship and manufacturing that makes for best practice. We are laser focused on our contribution to several environmental initiatives and we will increase our efforts even more in this area in the future. 

Finally, while we have seen great success this year, we are hungry to do more. Our industry not only respects craft and tradition – it seeks creativity and innovation. This is a critical time for the industry and for DStevens. Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places in 2017 – as construction methods evolve and we evolve with and ahead of it. Our job is to ensure that DStevens thrives in an ever-competitive market locally while staying true to our greatest mission: our commitment to quality. 

We have a lot to look forward to in 2017, including some big projects in our pipeline that we think you are going to love. I am extremely proud to stand alongside you as we put innovation and creativity to work serving our deepest values and highest aspirations. 

Happy Holidays,